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From the lines of a building to the detailing of a piece of furniture, one objective is set: light, volume, aesthetics, and usability.

In 2000, Florence Watine founded FLOW, her interior design agency. From the very beginning, her creativity went far beyond interior design detecting the potential of a space, and working to embellish it as a whole.

In addition to her work as an interior designer, Florence Watine is often asked to design furniture, for clients as well as for various editors.


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Wood – Stone – Photo, 1998


If you were a room, which would you be?
I would be a bathroom. It’s an interesting room to work with, the notion of comfort is important, and if space permits it can be fun to decorate as a boudoir and spend some leisure time in.

If you were a style?
I would be pure, singular, eclectic, depending on time and moods.

If you were a piece of furniture?
I would be a utilitarian piece with which one has physical contact, a desk for instance.

How did your interior design agency start up?
It was a story of passion. I was always interested in my environment. In 2000, after ten years as a buyer, I felt I needed to take stock. And I bumped into my childhood academic records by chance: from the age of eight, I wanted to be an interior designer. So I quit my job as a buyer and threw myself in, I attended training and gradually my clients trusted me with architecture missions. My agency was born from passion and encounters.

What exactly do you offer your clients?
First, we meet – the concept of psychology is important. Knowing their purpose, their habits, their requirements in order to propose a project in line with their desire and the location. I also offer to design bespoke furniture, unique pieces that fit perfectly in place.

What are your influences and inspiration for furniture design ?
My line of furniture is especially inspired by post-war design, and I am always a fan of the great Andrée Putman. I also like to revisit some old furniture with new materials or changing proportions.

What is your best decoration tip?
I always start by dwelling on space and light. When I say space, I mean the feeling of space. We often tend to bother with things we do not need. So if I were to give one advice on decoration, it would be to perform a strict checkup, and keep only the things you really need or want in order to avoid polluting. Just like in a wardrobe, you might need to throw away some old T-shirts to find a nice blouse.

Jennifer Hebrard for www.deco.fr